Things to Consider Before Installing Fly Screens

Fly screens are also known as wire mesh and window screens. They are designed to prevent the entry of insects in the home without blocking the flow of fresh air. Besides blocking flies, they also prevent the entry of small leaves and debris in your place. Apart from being extremely functional, fly screens are said to increase the aesthetic features of your home as well. In case you are planning to install fly screens, make sure you consider the different aspects listed below.

Is the screen blocking your view?

Along with protection from insects, your fly screen should not spoil your view. The main purpose of high-quality fly screens is to protect from insects while enhancing your view. To maintain style and protection, choose a fly screen that gives you a perfect blend. If you achieve both, your investment would be worthwhile.

Also, make sure you do not overlook your doors. Fly screens allow a nice breeze to enter inside while keeping the insects out. Moreover, it allows you to keep the doors open and welcome the cool breeze without any worry. If your fly screens are blocking your view and fresh air, then you must know you have installed the wrong ones.


Fixed fly screens are the cheapest solution for your house. Magnetic screens are a bit expensive as compared to the fixed ones but they are still a budget-friendly option. However, retractable screens are the most expensive but their quality is highest, making them the most attractive option.


Nowadays, fly screens are being manufactured using a variety of materials, but aluminum is believed to be the best among all. There are several benefits of aluminum fly screens, some of them being, durability, strength, resistance to corrosion, enduring capabilities, and high recyclable nature.


Almost all of the window screens nowadays are DIY. However, one must not forget that assembling the varied parts and installing them properly is not an easy task. It requires a lot of experience and proficiency. Make sure you consider seeking the help of a professional who can get the job done in less period and can provide valuable advice.

Keeping these aspects in mind will allow you to choose the best fly screens for your windows and doors. You can also conduct comprehensive research and seek recommendations before purchasing the screens.

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RELIABLE SCREEN SUPPLY © 2021. All Rights Reserved